SYNERGETICS – Synergies for Green Transformation of Inland and Coastal Shipping

Inland and coastal shipping face great challenges with respect to a significant reduction of greenhouse-gas and air-pollutant emissions resulting from the requirements stipulated in the European Green Deal and the Taxonomy Regulation as well as the fact that improved environmental performance has become a feature of ever-increasing importance to the sector in order to remain competitive. SYNERGETICS is a Horizon Europe Innovation Action, a particularly application-oriented collaborative project looking at ways to reduce emissions in inland and coastal shipping through retrofit solutions.


LIFE Boat 4 Sturgeon

The overall objective of this LIFE project is to help save the four remaining Danube sturgeon species from extinction: the Sterlet, the Waxdick, the Sternhausen and the Hausen.


Integrated River Engineering Project on the Danube East of Vienna – Catalogue of Measures

On the free-flowing Danube east of Vienna, hydraulic engineering measures are being implemented to stabilise the falling water levels, preserve unique habitats in the Danube floodplains and align the waterway infrastructure with the requirements of safe and economic Danube navigation. In order to achieve these goals, maintenance activities are carried out on an ongoing basis and hydraulic engineering optimisation projects are implemented.

Further projects

  • Digitalisation, especially of information flows, is a necessary and essential step to further develop inland navigation and to further strengthen its attractiveness and competitiveness vis-à-vis other modes of transport. The aim of DIWA is to develop a master plan including a roadmap for the development and implementation of the digitalisation of inland navigation.

  • Waterway inspection tours contributes to the waterway management, the water surveillance and the operation of locks.

  • In the course of the research project WAMS II the existing Waterway Asset Management System (WAMS) is being developed further.

  • The DoRIS Website is continuously being updated and enhanced, in order to provide the users of the waterway with accurate and updated information at any time.

  • The measuring network operated by viadonau constantly records various data and is continuously being enhanced and optimised.

  • started 2015

    The aim of this activity is the maintenance and enhancement of the hydrodynamic models for the Danube, the March and the Thaya as well as their provision to other viadonau departments and external partners.

  • Individual measures to ensure the functionality and safety of the locks and to improve customer-orientation regarding lock operation are continuously taken.

  • The project aims at implementing compatible transnational RIS services and systems according to unified quality standards and ensuring a maximum benefit of RIS operation through coordinated data exchange.

  • started 2015

    In the course of RIS Development, new national requirements of the services are being evaluated, coordinated with the DoRIS operation and the involved teams (e.g. Hydrology) and implemented with the help of external software service providers.

  • Prominent further develops promising technologies in inland navigation. The research results feed into a roll-out plan which will pave the way for the application of innovative solutions on a large scale.