The Austrian waterway administration viadonau places great emphasis on the collection, preparation and the sharing of expert knowledge relating to Danube navigation. With the publication of the Manual on Danube Navigation viadonau has made an important contribution to the dissemination of knowledge regarding inland navigation on the Danube.

viadonau has been involved in a lively exchange of information and knowledge with educational institutions for many years now. With the help of technical lectures, internships, scientific papers and modern teaching materials the topic of Danube navigation is being dealt with in classrooms and universities.

Cooperations with training companies and Vocational School for Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Electronics are intended to generate synergies from which tomorrow's boatmasters and inland navigation operators should benefit in particular.

The cooperation between the University for Applied Sciences - Logistikum Steyr and viadonau within the project REWWay is another step towards anchoring inland waterway logistics in Austrian as well as international research and educational institutions. The resulting open-source materials as well as numerous other services can be found at:  

viadonau is also active beyond the traditional educational methods, utilising e-learning tools such INeS Danube, a contemporary teaching aid which brings the topic of inland waterway transport to pupils, students and the freight forwarding sector.

The activity makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure
13. Improve educational offerings of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.