The main task of our property team is the competent and environmentally sound management of approximately 127 million m² of land and riverbank areas owned by the Republic of Austria. In addition, viadonau is also responsible for around 2.3 million m² of proprietary buildings and grounds, the equivalent of around 320 football fields.

In 2011 the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology granted viadonau rights to manage (usufruct) properties owned by the Republic of Austria. Due to various special land uses, our property managers do not only manage building land, the areas of nature conservation, management of public waters, navigation and even small garden plots are all within our field of expertise. The construction of a flood protection system, a landing stage for commercial navigation, a transhipment site; they all have their own fundamental safety, technical and ecological challenges.  

Enquiries regarding private or commercial use of natural land, e.g. use of towpaths, events, allocation of landing stages/transhipment sites or property rent, are all handled by our service centres operating in accordance with our legal mandate for the preservation of the waterway.

Each year, about 500 permits are issued for the use of the towpaths along the Danube. In addition, 300 one day events take place and 200 contracts are drawn up and concluded. The property team currently manages over 2,000 contracts.  

We strive for efficient administration, in compliance with all public and private legal provisions, we always strive to ensure maximum transparency and service orientation towards our contract partners, customers and government representatives.