DoRIS - Danube River Information Services, co-developed by viadonau, has played a determining role in the modernisation of inland navigation and has made a significant contribution to the improvement of safety on the Danube.  

One of the main tasks of RIS is the electronic recording of the position of all ships in the system and their representation on an electronic navigational chart, the Inland ECDIS.   This is achieved through the strategic use of satellite positioning, wireless data and customised visualisation. As a result, RIS provides an extremely accurate view of the current traffic situation, thereby providing permanent support for the ship’s captain in his nautical decisions and in doing so enhancing traffic safety on the Danube.  

In addition, the monitoring of hazardous cargo vessels and coordination of emergency services in the event of an accident by electronic processing of information with DoRIS is significantly easier.

Furthermore, stored data can be retrieved from a central database to facilitate the reconstruction of accidents.