In accordance with § 15 para. 11 Maritime Code (Federal Law Gazette  46/2012) viadonau is responsible for the issuing of international certificates for operators of pleasure crafts (motor yachts or / and sailing yachts) of up to 24 meters in length and with a gross tonnage (GT) of less than 300. These international certificates are based on the resolution No. 40 of the UNECE (International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft, in short: ICC).

Guidelines to  UNECE resolution No. 40 

Types of certificates of qualification

  • cruising range 1 – coastal navigation up to 3 nautical miles (craft: max 10 meters in lenght)
  • cruising range 2 – coastal navigation  up to 20 nautical miles
  • cruising range 3 – coastal navigation  up to 200 nautical miles
  • cruising range 4 – valid for worldwide navigation


Front side

Reverse side

Examination organisations  

Private certificates by the following organisations are accepted to serve as basis for the issuing of an ICC) in accordance with § 15 Section 1 of the Maritime Code (Federal Law Gazette 46/2012.):

All private certificates of competency of these examination organisations must be endorsed with the following notation:  

"The approved examination regulations (GZ. BMVIT 555.9xx / 00xx-IV / W1 / 20xx) have been complied with." or
“Die JachtPrO wurde eingehalten.” (when issued between 26/06/2015 and 07/05/2020 / 31/12/2020)
"Die JachtVO wurde eingehalten." (when issued after 08/05/2020 / 01/01/2021).

Details of the issuing of ICC and necessary documents can be found here.