Wasserstraße, viadonau

Upgrade of public mooring place “Trockengutlände Linz-Mitte” finished - high quality infrastructure for commercial shipping

Finished! viadonau has completed the upgrades of the public mooring place “Trockengutlände Linz-Mitte” (km 2129.22 –2128.90). The modernised berth is…

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Riverside view of public mooring place Trockengutlände Linz
Wasserstraße, viadonau

Launch of the DAVID Creator: With the digitalisation of the DAVID forms within the DoRIS Portal, viadonau is celebrating an important milestone

The DoRIS portal, operated by viadonau, offers another free service to interested waterway users: the DAVID Creator. The new application enables the…

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Man on a Boat on the the danube
FGP, environment

A strong arm for the Danube - On-site visit of the reconnected Spittelauer side arm on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Donau-Auen National Park

On May 3, State Secretary Magnus Brunner, Lower Austria's Deputy Governor Stephan Pernkopf, Vienna's Climate Councillor Jürgen Czernohorszky, National…

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Persons with dinghy
press release, viadonau

Two new flagship projects aim to further improve navigability on the Danube

The first Advisory Committee Meeting held on 9 March 2021 in a digital format kicked off two new CEF co-financed projects “Preparing FAIRway 2 works”…

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dredging works at the danube riverside in Linz
Danube Logistics, viadonau

The Danube proved of its value during the crisis – highlights of the year

Probably nobody will deny that the year 2020 was quite exceptional. A world-wide pandemic affecting our everyday lives, which was also challenging for…

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cargo vessel in the lock
Danube Logistics, viadonau

Virtual final workshop “transport of chemical and petrochemical products via inland navigation”

The right chemistry for Danube navigation? On the 12 November 2020 27 participants took part for the first time in a virtual workshop to discuss the…

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Snapshot of the goto meeting, 30 attendants
Danube Logistics, viadonau

DAVID – Elimination of administrative barriers continues

A further success in removing administrative barriers along the Danube: Bulgaria is the fourth country after Hungary, Croatia and Serbia to introduce…

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Danube river in Bulgaria, aerial shot
FGP, viadonau

From riverbank renaturation to a new river biotope – viadonau ensures a piece of the original river landscape on the Fischa

After more natural bank structures have been created at the mouth of the Fischa in autumn and winter 2019 as part of the EU-funded Austrian-Slovak…

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Danube riverbank at the mouth of the Fischa
Danube Logistics, viadonau

Danube Business Talks take a break until 2021 due to the Corona pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is a global challenge for the economy as well as for society and demands a lot of flexibility from businesses and people. For…

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cargo vessel on the danube
FGP, viadonau

More water for the Danube floodplains: River reconnection within the frame of Dynamic Life Lines Danube

The approximately 4-kilometer-long ‘Spittelauer’ side arm was cut off from the Danube during the “Great Danube Regulation” in the 19th Century. Since…

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Construction work to reconnect the Spittelauer side arm system