Our way is the Danube

"He who does not know the way in which he can reach the sea, should look for a river as a companion.” – Chinese Proverb  

The conservation of the natural surroundings of the Danube and the opportunities and perspectives it offers, both as a recreational area and an economic zone – these are the prevailing ambitions that determine the strategic direction of our company. For this reason, all of our thoughts, decisions and actions always take into consideration the three major areas of environment, safety and business. The diverse potential of the Danube is our inspiration and motivation to develop new approaches,  to bring together all the various interest groups in the Danube region and to cooperate with them by means of national and international collaborations, thereby shaping the future of both living and economic activities along the Danube.  

The objectives and activities set out in our corporate strategy are a clear commitment to infrastructural development, an environmentally friendly inland waterway transport, modern flood protection as well as maintenance and sustainabile environmental protection along the Danube. The utilisation of our expertise to nurture  customer-oriented, integrative and  sustainable solutions for one of the most important natural and economic regions of Europe – this is for us both our journey and our goal.