viadonau actively strives to increase the competitiveness of Danube navigation through targeted measures, thus strengthening Austria as a business location. The company's expertise in the field of Danube logistics is acknowledged and in demand throughout Europe.  

Together with national and international partners, viadonau is working towards an increase in use and the modernisation of Danube navigation and perceives itself as a strong partner of the business sector. The company actively supports mutual learning between waterway administrations and users of the waterway. viadonau realises the needs and concerns of business and ensures a high level of customer orientation in the execution of its tasks.  

Services provided by viadonau are particularly requested and used by the following four target groups:

  • Cargo owners, meaning companies that have their goods transported on the waterway;
  • Port and terminal operators who offer cargo loading and unloading services for ships and other logistics services;
  • Shipping companies and ship brokers which organise and carry out the commercial transport of goods;
  • Forwarding companies with inland navigation in their service portfolio which organise transports, thereby influencing the choice of the transport mode.