REWWay is the result of a cooperation between Logistikum Steyr and viadonau. The aim of the project is to promote the topic of logistics in inland waterways in national and international research and educational facilities. In fact, the main focus is to train logisticians with knowledge of eco-friendly inland navigation and its connection to other modes of transport.

At the beginning national and international market research, including workshops and interviews, was conducted. As a result, requirements for the target group i.e. concerning subjects, didactical methods etc. were defined. Based on this, target group specific materials were generated, which are now available free of charge on our information platform. This services includes for example case studies, excursions, lecture notes, exercises, short films or guest lectures. The services are available free under 

The project was extended, due to its enormous success. The cooperation between viadonau and the Logistikum Steyr has been prolonged until 2018.


  • Logistikum Steyr of the FH Oberösterreich
  • Educational institutions for transport and logistics


First cooperation agreement: 30.06.2012 – 31.12.2015
Ongoing cooperation agreement: 01.01.2016 – 31.12.2018

News and project status

 In 2018, particular focus was put on the so-called „Transport School Labs“. The team of the Logistikum Steyr offers students of the junior and senior classes, students of vocational schools and universities as well as interested youths the opportunity to gain practical knowledge about sustainable cargo transport. Learning takes place in the framework of group works, planning games and discussions. Apart from various such events in Austria in 2018, the „Transport School Labs“ were for the first time also conducted internationally - in Germany and Hungary. Since the initiative will be further promoted in an international context, the „Transport School Lab“ flyer was adapted and is now available also in English. 

Under contract from viadonau the team of the Logistikum was also increasingly concerned with the topic of digitalisation. In 2018, two subcontracts were signed: „Austrian ports and hubs in the context of the physical internet“ and „Increase competitiveness of inland navigation by using blockchain technology“. The latter outlines the design of a blockchain, with the aim of improving the exchange of information in inland navigation, for example for the purpose of administrative procedures at border control points. In the framework of the subcontract „Active Learning“ the teaching aids available on the platform were updated and combined in a new way.
A needs assessment conducted with international stakeholders from the industry, research and education in the framework of the subcontract „International knowledge network“ enabled the evaluation of currently missing thematic topics in logistics training. Furthermore, the team of the Logistikum further developed interactive learning methods; all teaching aid packages now have a final exercise integrated.

The projekt makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure
13. Improve educational offerings of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.