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The Catalogue of Measures for the Danube east of Vienna covers a multitude of river engineering measures designed to stabilize the decrease in water levels, preserve the unique habitats of the Danube floodplains and create a waterway infrastructure that fulfills the requirements of safe and economic navigation. In order to achieve these goals, we continually carry out maintenance and conservation activities and implement river engineering optimisation projects. This Catalogue of Measures is the result of an integrative planning process and is based on the findings of optimised waterway and traffic management, as well as the multi-year concept and pilot project phase of the ‘Integrated River Project on the Danube East of Vienna’ (FGP). Besides involving various different interest groups, the scientifical monitoring and accompaniment of measures, plays an important role in finding and achieving socially and environmentally compatible solutions.

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News from the Danube east of Vienna

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A strong arm for the Danube - On-site visit of the reconnected Spittelauer side arm on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Donau-Auen National Park

On May 3, State Secretary Magnus Brunner, Lower Austria's Deputy Governor Stephan Pernkopf, Vienna's Climate Councillor Jürgen Czernohorszky, National…

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FGP, viadonau

From riverbank renaturation to a new river biotope – viadonau ensures a piece of the original river landscape on the Fischa

After more natural bank structures have been created at the mouth of the Fischa in autumn and winter 2019 as part of the EU-funded Austrian-Slovak…

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FGP, viadonau

More water for the Danube floodplains: River reconnection within the frame of Dynamic Life Lines Danube

The approximately 4-kilometer-long ‘Spittelauer’ side arm was cut off from the Danube during the “Great Danube Regulation” in the 19th Century. Since…

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press release, FGP

Renaturation measures completed: viadonau enhances ecological value of the Danube tributary Fischa

Within the frame of the transnational INTERREG-Project “Alpen Karpaten Fluss Korridor” (Alpine Carpathian River Corridor) viadonau revitalized the…

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FGP, viadonau

Revitalization measures at Fischa and Schwechat– Kick off for the EU Project “Alpen Karpaten Fluss Korridor”

On the 20th of September, the kick-off ceremony for the revitalization measures at Schwechat and Fischa took place within the framework of the…

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viadonau, FGP

On site visit at the Johler Arm – Nature grows, thrives and stabilizes

Vegetation is an essential part of soil bioengineering measures for river bank restauration. However, an added value for this sustainable engineering…

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FGP, viadonau

Habitat Danube: Gravel bank transformed to island

Sometimes isolation can be a bliss, especially when it means turning a vegetated gravel bank into an island, as it was done at the Austrian –…

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FGP, press release

Ecological river bank protection at the Johler Arm

Bioengineering was used to protect the river bank, the Hollitzer alley and the underlying waste water pipes. A near-natural alternative to the hard…

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