Hydrological and hydrographical data on the Danube is collected regularly and serves, inter alia, as planning foundation, as information for navigation and for the purpose of statistical analysis. For navigation especially riverbed surveying, as well as water level and flow measurement are of great importance. New surveying technologies as well as computer-based interpretation, modelling and presentation create new opportunities to optimise the acquisition of data and to extend the use of collected data.

Description of the measure

  • Optimise data acquisition: use modern surveying technologies, implement IT-based quality management for automated data collection, improve surveying and inspection tours (Naufahrten), extend data collection in case of added value or new specifications (e.g. new gauges at bridges)
  • Improve water level forecasts, information on shallow water sections and hydraulic modelling, publish public data via various information channels and in a timely and customer-friendly manner 
  •  Provide customer-oriented information regarding the use of fairway information

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