The Austrian River Information Services DoRIS ( went operational in 2006 and meanwhile comprise a variety of services which are continually enhanced and developed further. Therefore, viadonau is in contact with the users of RIS (shipping companies, ports, locks, emergency personnel and administrations) in order to use their feedback for the expansion and further development of the services. RIS supports skippers, the logistics sector and administrations by providing information, increasing traffic safety and contributing to energy efficiency. To provide the same service level along the entire Danube, developments have to be coordinated with other RIS operators and implemented in synchronicity. The objective is to improve user-friendliness and multilingualism as well as expand the offerings to include additional services which are also based on international data exchange.

Description of the measure

  • Develop customised services in European cooperation
  • Contribute Austrian experiences to international standardisation bodies and intensify the cooperation with RIS operators in Europe (exchange of experience, harmonisation, etc.)
  • Inform and support customers regarding the targeted use of RIS
  • Update and expand DoRIS infrastructure and applications and ensure their availability and interoperability in the Danube region