PLATINA3 supports the European Commission in promoting Inland Waterway Transport (IWT). In particular, it builds the bridge towards future research, innovation and implementation needs within IWT in Europe by providing input to the further development of the EC´s IWT action programme NAIADES and the funding programme Horizon Europe.

PLATINA3 sets up a coordinated platform of IWT experts, policy makers, researchers, wider logistics and waterborne industries as well as other sectors and other transport modes. The platform is a catalyst for awareness raising, stakeholder engagement and uptake of outcomes from related national and European projects and initiatives. PLATINA3 consolidates their results and assesses their impacts and gaps. As a next step, desk research and dialogues with stakeholders refine the findings towards development of policy and R&D roadmaps and implementation plans.

PLATINA3 addresses priority topics for the success of IWT:

  • integration & digitalisation of IWT in the light of modal shift & synchromodality
  • zero-emission, automated & climate resilient fleet
  • skilled workforce, particularly with regard to zero-emission & automation
  • smart & climate resilient waterway and port infrastructure with clean energy hubs

Key experts and stakeholders are consortium partners ensuring the required expertise and support: IWT sector and shippers representatives (IWT Platform, Koninklijke BLN Schuttevaer, European Council of Transport Users), member states and river commissions (Central Commission for Navigation of the Rhine, Danube Commission), waterway administrations (Inland Navigation Europe, viadonau), education institutes (Stichting STC-Group, Maritieme Academie Harlingen), Waterborne Technology Platform (Shipyards and maritime equipment association of Europe), workers (European Transport Workers Federation), expertise centres (Pro Danube Management, Expertise Innovation Centre for Inland Barging).

Main project results:

  • Strategic network of key stakeholders based on intensive, structured exchange
  • IWT Research & Development Roadmap for IWT and Implementation Plan
  • Policy Implementation Plan for IWT

News & Activities

Stage 1 – the Budapest sessions

Together with our partners, the PLATINA3 team prepared a great program with keynote speeches by the newly-elected President of the Danube Commission, high-ranking representatives of the European Commission and from the Danube countries, members of the European Parliament and from the business community in a 2-day program called the Budapest sessions. This event was held on the 7th and 8th of April 2021 and was hosted by the Danube Commission.

The opening session was followed by 7 thematic sessions, addressing key challenges and opportunities in inland navigation such as the transition to zero-emission shipping, the integration of inland navigation into supply chains, and smart waterways and autonomous navigation.

You can download the full agenda and the presentations from the projects website.

Duration & Budget

Project duration: 01/2021 – 06/2023

Project budget: € 1.999.857,98, co-financed by the European Commission


Project Coordinator: EICB - Expertise Innovation Centre for inland Barging (NL)
Role viadonau: Lead of Work Package “Infrastructure” and “Roadmaps & Stakeholder Engagement”

For more information, please visit the project website

The project makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure 14. Embed Danube navigation in European strategies of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.