Cinematic appearance for the Spittelauer Arm

30.09.2021Our Spittelauer Arm delivered a special prime-time television moment on Tuesday. In part 1 of the Universum documentary "Natural Heritage Austria - The National Parks", the newly connected branch was presented. Shortly after the connection, the newly created habitat can already compete with Austria's most beautiful landscapes. Our picture shows four screenshots from the broadcast (Interspot/ORF).

We also connect our knowledge!

09.07.2021 - Today, a large Slovak delegation, consisting of employees of the Ministry of Environment and other organizations related to the Danube, visited the Austrian riverengineering measures of Dynamic LIFE Lines Danube.The expert excursion was organized by ŠOP SR - Dunajské luhy Protected Landscape Area Administration, Water Section of the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, City of Bratislava and project-partner BROZ. In the background of the group picture you can see the huge new outflow opening of the Spittelau arm.



Haslau-Regelsbrunn - Involvement of the locals creates transparency and added value

28.06.2021 - On June 18 and 25, 2021, the project team organized excursions in small groups for the communities Haslau-Maria Ellend and Scharndorf. The experts explained the participants the siltation of the tributary system Haslau-Regelsbrunn and the drastically decreasing fish stocks. The sidearm reconnection will counteract these developments. The project also makes an important contribution to stabilizing the riverbed and the water levels in the Danube section. The participants were able to address questions and suggestions directly to the project team. Before the excursions, comprehensive project information was sent to all households.


Spittelauer Arm side arm ceremoniously opened!

03.05.2021 - Today, our Spittelauer side arm was ceremoniously opened in the form of a boat tour! State Secretary Magnus Brunner, Lower Austria's Deputy Governor Stephan Pernkopf, Vienna's Climate Councillor Jürgen Czernohorszky, National Park Director Edith Klauser and WWF Austria Managing Director Andrea Johanides together with viadonau Managing Director Hans-Peter Hasenbichler were convinced of the impressive result of the renaturation measures. Thus, the first construction measure of Dynamic LIFE Lines Danube is completed! Read more here.


What does Prince Philip have to do with Dynamic LIFE Lines Danube?

03.05.2021 - The recently deceased Prince Philip was not only husband of the English Queen Elizabeth II, but also President of WWF International. In this function he visited the Spittelauer side arm by boat on 03.05.1984, in order to campaign against the planned hydropower plant Hainburg. Exactly 37 years later, the revitalized Spittelauer side arm was inaugurated with another boat trip. He probably would have liked it. Report on


Our project in the LIFE calendar 2021

01.02.2021 - Turned the page yet? The month February in the official LIFE Calendar 2021 is dedicated to our renaturation project "Dynamic LIFE Lines Danube"! What an honor, because only 12 projects of many implemented in the last years from all over Europe could be selected. So, we don't mind that it became the shortest possible month. We wish you a happy and healthy February!


Opening of the Spittelauer Side Arm

10.09.2020 - The highlight of every side arm connection is the beginning of the opening of the inlet area. From now on, the Spittelauer Arm has Danube water flowing through it almost all year round. The still small opening will be expanded into a larger inlet area over the next few weeks.

Photos: © viadonau/Zinner


Spittelauer Arm - Construction works from the perspective of a sea eagle

August 19, 2020 – The reconnection of the Spittelauer Arm vis-a-vis Hainburg is in full swing. In the immediate vicinity of Sea Eagle's nests, a 4 km long side-arm is being created. The construction concept pays special attention to the needs of the majestic birds of prey and the work is monitored by the National Park Donau-Auen as a project partner.
Get exciting insights into the construction work at Spittelauer side-arm in our short film from the perspective of a sea eagle.


Dynamic side arms shape the landscape

19.06.2020 - June 19, 2020 - Once water can flow again trough the Spittelau side arm, it will shape its surroundings through erosion and sedimentation. That is exactly the dynamic that shall be achieve within the Dynamic LIFE Lines Danube project. National park colleague Karoline Zsak documents the existing bank structures so that the development can be evaluated later in detail. This can be done particularly good from a kayak - even if there is still a lack of water in the side arm.

Find out more on the National Park Blog:


'Krickeldamm' traverse renovated

20.05.2020 - Due to the renaturation of the Danube and its floodplains, road connections are constantly changing. A particular work package from the project "Dynamic LIFE Lines Danube" is dedicated to the network of paths and possible uses by humans. In this course the 'Krickeldamm' traverse has just been renovated. This inflow of the Fischa into the Haslau-Regelsbrunn side-arm-system became impassable due to a flood. Claws and unwanted sediment deposits have now been removed.


Together for more water for the Danube floodplains

15.04.2020 - State Secretary Magnus Brunner, Deputy Governor of Lower Austria Stefan Pernkopf, National Park Director Edith Klauser and viadonau Managing Director Hans-Peter Hasenbichler present the "Dynamic LIFE Lines Danube" project in a joint press release. They underline the importance of extensive restoration measures for the Danube floodplain habitat.

Link to press release


Making of Dynamic LIFE Lines

13.03.2020 - At the beginning of March, the next transverse structure was tackled to ensure that water flows through the Spittelau side arm system. Our local inspection of the construction site shows the rapid progress in the dismantling and removal of the northern part of the Spittelauer traverse.


No time to be “sloppy”

24.02.2020 – Despite a short break due to incoming floods, the construction works concerning the reconnection of the Spittelauer Arm opposite of Hainburg are going well. With the removal of the so called “sloppy traverse” (orig.: “Schlamperte Traverse”) or “rough toss” (orig.: Rauer Wurf), the first, out of four transversal structures, has been fully removed. Next on the list is the Spittelauer Traverse. Two transshipment points have been created along the Danube bank, where the armoring stones will be taken away from via ship. These will be fully removed at the end of the project.


NEEMO found us!

20.02.2020 - On the 18th and 19th of February 2020, the project advisor of NEEMO visited us for the first time. This consortium is responsible for the constant monitoring and the supervision of all LIFE Projects. After introducing the Project team and our responsibilities, we had enough time to visit the Austrian measures of the LIFE project at Spittelauer Arm and Haslau-Regelsbrunn.


Start of hydraulic engineering works for the re-connection of the Spittelauer side-arm

15.01.2020 - Within the project the revitalization of two large side-arm systems is planned along the Austrian Danube. For this purpose, the hydraulic engineering work for the re-connection of the socalled "Spittelauer Side-Arm" has started and is currently in full swing. In December 2019, the necessary forest clearing was already carried out, as essential preparatory measures. Afterwards the removal of the first transverse structure - the "Rauer Wurf" traverse - began in January. The next step is to completely remove the next traverse, the "Spittelauer Traverse".

The aim is to completely remove all riverbank reinforcements in order to enable an unimpeded and natural development of the side-arm in the future. Also old, buried rip-rap structures discovered in the course of the work are removed. The stones are collected on the banks of the Danube and later picked up by ship.


Kick-Off event for Dynamic LIFE Lines Danube

15.11.2019 - After the successful application for the LIFE project, on November 15, 2019, the first joint steering meeting of the Austrian and Slovak project partners took place. The team has a high level of expertise in renaturation projects and plenty of LIFE project experience. Find out more about the consortium on the sub-site "Partners & Financing". Furthermore the team was able to gather new information from the previous kick-off of all new LIFE projects on November 5th and 6th organised in Brussels.


LIFE Funding for Dynamic LIFE Lines Danube

16.09.2019 - We are very pleased that our project to improve the habitats in the Danube floodplains has been included in the LIFE program for the promotion of nature and biodiversity. With this project, the EU supports improvements in Natura 2000 protected areas, such as the Austrian and Slovakian wetlands, alluvial forest and aquatic habitats. We thank the many supporters for their trust to implement this ambitious project!