Notices to Skippers (NtS)

The DoRIS provides the national Notices to Skippers (NtS) for retrieval and download in various file formats. This service includes waterway and traffic related notices, water level reports, ice reports, enhanced ice reports, summary ice reports and an overview of fairway information. There is the possibility of e-mail delivery after according registration.

Notices to Skippers (NtS) international (external services)

The international Notices to Skippers can be accessed indirectly via the tab "Messages from other countries" by providing links to the external services of the waterway companies of Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

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Overview fairway info

The fairway overview provides a complete overview of the current information relevant to navigation (water levels, shallow water information, lock operating conditions and the currently valid Notices to Skippers). The information it contains is updated hourly and can be downloaded as .pdf-file and obtained as a subscription by e-mail. An HTML version is available for mobile devices.

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Danube FIS Portal (external service)

The Danube FIS Portal is a joint portal of the waterway companies of the individual Danube countries. It contains the following information relevant to navigation for the entire Danube region: water levels, shallow water sections, Notices to Skippers, ice reports, waterway infrastructure objects, contacts of authorities and interactive waterway maps. It is available in German, English, Slovak, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian and Bulgarian.

DoRIS Mobile App

For smartphones, the DoRIS Mobile App provides, among other data, the following navigation-relevant information: water levels, lock status, route availability, fairway overview, shallow sections, Notices to Skippers, bridge clearance heights, display of own position on Google Maps, contacts. The DoRIS Mobile App can be downloaded free of charge from Google play or the App Store.

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