Shallow sections national

For the two free-flowing stretches of the Austrian Danube, Wachau and east of Vienna, various overviews of the current shallow sections are available. In addition to information on the river kilometre range for each shallow section, the overview shows the currently available minimum fairway depth, both in the navigation channel and in the deep channel, and the 24-, 48- and 72-hour forecasts of the minimum fairway depth in the deep channel (up to mean water). The most shallow section within the free-flowing stretches that is currently most critical for navigation is highlighted in colour, whereby the location of the shallow section within the fairway is decisive in addition to the minimum fairway depths.

In addition to the shallow sections, the minimum fairway depths in the entrance areas of the public Danube ports in the free-flowing stretches (Krems an der Donau, Vienna-Freudenau, Vienna-Albern and Vienna-Lobau) are also displayed for the right, middle and left sections. Current dredging at the shallow sections or in the port entrance areas is indicated by a dredger symbol.

The general overview also provides interactive schematic overviews of the free-flowing stretches as well as site plans of the individual shallow sections and harbour entrances (multibeam images). 

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Shallow sections international (external service)

Information on the international shallow sections along the Danube is provided on the external website "Danube FIS Portal".