Inland ENCs (Inland ECDIS Standard 2.4)

The electronic navigational chart (Inland ECDIS Standard 2.4) of the Austrian Danube and the Donaukanal can be downloaded here.

Electronic navigational charts international (external services)

Links to a total of 15 international providers (Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Croatia, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary and USA) of electronic navigational charts are available here.

Inland ENC viewer software (SeeMyENC)

The freeware viewing software SeeMyENC v2.2.0 for electronic navigational charts can be downloaded here.

Training videos for the use of ECDIS viewers

Training videos for the use of the ECDIS viewers RADARpilot720 and Tresco Engineering Navigis are available on viadonau's own Youtube channel.
Video: RADARpilot720
Video: Tresco Engineering Navigis

Route atlas of the Austrian Danube (.pdf-file format)

Individual waterway charts of the Austrian Danube as well as the Donaukanal based on the electronic navigational charts (Inland ENCs) can be downloaded here in .pdf-format.

Interactive map national

On an interactive map of the Austrian Danube, details of the viadonau locks and service centres as well as details of the gauging stations can be displayed. The scale of the selected map area can also be adjusted using a zoom function.

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D4D-Portal (external service)

The international D4D portal covers a large part of the Western, Central and South-Eastern European waterway network by means of electronic navigational charts.
It offers different views by means of a zoom function and a choice of different map types and superimposable details. It also offers a search function and print options.  

Danube and Rhine-Main-Danube axis (digital und physical)

A map with the entire course of the Danube is available for download in digital form (.pdf-format) as well as in physical form (A3-format). A map with the entire Rhine-Main-Danube axis is also available in digital form (.pdf-format) as well as in physical form (A1-format).

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