Lock status

An overview shows the operating states of the left and right lock chambers of the nine locks on the Austrian Danube as well as any closures and additional information.

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Traffic situation in and around locks 

With its "Current traffic situation" function, the DoRIS Mobile App provides an up-to-date picture of the number of vessels currently being towed or approaching the locks, as well as their direction of travel.

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Fairway condition

In an overview, the entire course of the Austrian Danube is divided into 30 sections. The Donaukanal is also listed.
Any blockages, including those in the past, are displayed for the relevant section.

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Announced blockages

Route blockages announced by Notices to Skippers are displayed here.

Historic blockages

Information on historic route blockages back to 2014 is available for download as .pdf-file here.

Ice conditions

Information on the ice conditions (ice report, ehanced ice report, summary ice report) can be found on the "Nachrichten für die Binnenschifffahrt" website under the heading "All message types" in the menu "Message type".

Query vessel position data

Authorised users have the possibility to retrieve the positions of their vessels in the DoRIS portal.