In order to maintain traffic safety on Austria's waterways, a second traffic safety system, consisting of a pusher vessel and a non-motorised lighter, is currently being procured. The procurement of the additional push boat and the lighter increases the fail-safety in waterway management and enables faster response times when dealing with damage to the marking of the fairway (fairway buoys).

In September 2020, the award of the construction contract for the non-motorised unit "Bojenleger 2" was carried out. Construction started in October; the lighter was transferred to Austria in spring 2021. With the "Bojenleger 2", floating fairway signalisation can be manipulated in the best possible way with a remote-controlled crane and innovative winches, and the remote monitoring modules located on these buoys can be serviced.

The Europe-wide tender for the motorised pusher vessel was launched in autumn 2020, and construction is scheduled to begin in April 2021. The new push boat is scheduled for completion in September 2022 (original schedule spring 2022, postponed due to supply chain shortages). In the future, the second push boat will be able to alternately manipulate the existing "Bojenleger 1" and the new "Bojenleger 2", which has been in operation since april 2021.

The activity makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure 
01. Proactively implement customer-oriented waterway management of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.