For diversity with equal opportunities

As a company with a uniquely diverse range of tasks, we are committed to an active equal opportunities policy. Our goal is to keep viadonau attractive as a place to work and an exceptional career prospect for all people in the long term. This requires an open corporate and management culture, which we actively help to shape at viadonau. To achieve this, the different interests and life conditions of employees must be taken into account from the outset in the design of processes, in communication and in management, and their individuality must be treated with respect.

Diversity is seen as a special resource that can increase competitiveness and give companies an open, modern and forward-looking character. But mere acceptance is not enough. Appreciation and promotion are essential components of equal opportunity. By this we mean the removal of barriers experienced by employees on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation or disability." Hans-Peter Hasenbichler, Managing Director viadonau

In order to create equal opportunities for all employees and job applicants, we offer individual support or install company-wide instruments such as the parental leave management and our code of conduct. In addition, a special working group for equal opportunities at viadonau is dedicated to the continuous improvement and further development of the working environment for the best possible equality in work and career.

Based on the Federal Equal Treatment Act (german, Federal Law Gazette No. 100/1993), the Austrian Ministry of Climate Action BMK has drawn up a plan for the advancement of women (german), which also applies to viadonau. This is implemented, among other things, through targeted personnel recruiting, flexible working time models and appropriate further training opportunities.