Following its role as infrastructure company, viadonau actively strives to increase the competitiveness of Danube navigation through targeted measures, thus strengthening Austria as a business location. Together with national and international partners, viadonau is working towards an increase in use and the modernization of Danube navigation and perceives itself as a strong partner of the Austrian business sector.

The thematic focus of this project on high & heavy transports (H&H) is based on a regular market observation and in close cooperation with stakeholders from the Danube logistics sector and the industry. Especially during the last years, this cargo group seems to offer very high potential for Danube Navigation.

Compared to the transport via roads, shipping of high & heavy cargo via inland vessels offers several advantages. Due to the great cargo hold and the high transport capacity offered by a Danube vessel, break bulk like power transformers, construction machinery and cranes, big tanks and other construction parts can be transported by ship and do not need to be shipped as an oversize-transport. A shift of these transports from road to the more environmentally-friendly inland navigation would in most cases not only substitute the loaded run, but also the needed accompanying transport security and in some cases the empty run back.

This project aims to analyse and define critical success factors and restraints for high & heavy transports via inland vessel to establish necessary activities in cooperation with experts from the sector. This should force the shift of transports towards inland navigation.

Based on the collected findings from the project (as well as from other completed projects in the past) a catalogue of recommended measures is created, which should force the transport via Danube on national and international level. The recommended measures will be discussed with other relevant national authorities to consolidate and transform them into a joint catalogue of actions supporting an efficient and ecological transport system.

News and project status

This catalogue of activities was communicated and discussed with the relevant stakeholders of the transport and industry sector during an international event in 2019. The outcome of the project will be a roadmap for the implementation of the consolidated measures and actions supporting the Austrian sector with regard to the transport of high & heavy products via Danube. 

The project makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure 
11. Develop transports on the Danube further of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.