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FAIRway works! in the Rhine-Danube Corridor (03/2020 – 12/2024) is a joint project of Austria and Serbia and aims to remove bottlenecks to navigation along the Serbian and Austrian sections of the Danube. It is a follow-up project of the CEF flagship initiative “FAIRway Danube” and implements the most mature initiatives in the corridor.

“FAIRway works! in the Rhine-Danube corridor”

  • upgrades the Serbian "Iron Gate 2" navigational lock (Djerdap II, river-km 863).
  • upgrades mooring places on the Austrian Danube:
    • Linz (river-km 2129,22 – 2128,90)
    • Wildungsmauer (river-km 1894,60 – 1895,12)
    • Vienna (river-km 1931,56-1932,50)
  • purchases equipment to ensure year-round navigability:
    • multifunctional marking equipment (pusher & lighter) in Austria
    • multifunctional marking vessel, a surveying vessel and Aids to Navigation in Serbia

The project cost amount to € 42 576 144 and are co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) f the European Union.

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