Digitalisation is an important source of growth, innovation and new business, transforming our economy and society at a rapid pace. Inland Waterway Transport requires a digital transition of the business processes of stakeholders to be an attractive and competitive mode of transport.

An important pre-condition for a successful digital transition is the availability of digitalised Inland Waterways supported by the fairway authorities. The digital infrastructure of Inland Waterways will support the digital transition of business processes in IWT and will facilitate the IWT stakeholders with the required harmonised and standardised digital services on the European network level.

The objective of the Action is to develop the Masterplan Digitalisation of Inland Waterways including a roadmap that will be a joint, uniform and integral digitalisation strategy for IWT under the responsibility of the participating fairway authorities. The Masterplan will consider the adaptation to the evolution of the policy and it will be based on (inter)national business developments related to the inland waterways traffic and transport domain, as well as on the game-changing technological developments of recent and coming years.

Further information can be retrieved from the project website:


  • Austria (viadonau)
  • Belgium (De VlaamseWaterweg)
  • Germany (Federal Wateways and Shipping Administration)
  • France (Voiesnavigables de France)
  • Netherlands (Rijkswaterstaat)

Duration and budget

July 2019 – December 2023
Budget: EUR 2.92 m
EUfunding (CEF): EUR 1,46 m

News and project status

In the year 2019 all project relevant essentials (work programme, consortium agreement, stakeholder engagement plan, dissemination plan) were elaborated and risk as well as opportunity management performed.

The year 2020 was affected by the COVID 19- crisis and problems associated with capabilities of some partners. Thereby, work in regard of content could not start as scheduled and the official project start was shifted to January 2021. An extension of the projects duration one year longer to warrant the project schedule is planned.



The project makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure
09. Develop River Information Services further of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.