A high-performance transport system is an important basis for economic development and social welfare. A future-oriented transport system produces low emissions and a minimum number of accidents. At the same time, it reduces resource consumption while efficiently absorbing the increase in traffic. Navigation on the Danube can make a significant contribution to such a transport system, since in comparison to all other transport modes it has the lowest external costs as well as large available transport capacities. That makes it an important component of sustainable and resource-efficient multimodal transport networks in Europe.

Objectives Navigation: 

  • Customer-oriented waterway management and improvement of the Danube fairway
  • Increase competitiveness of Danube navigation in logistics networks
  • Increase traffic safety and safe lock operations


Environmentally friendly river engineering and innovative conservation of waterways and streams are essential issues along the Austrian Danube. The basis is formed by the European Water Framework Directive and the Austrian River Basin Management Plan. In the area of technical environmental protection, great importance is given to nautical-technical innovations and climate change as well as projects for prevention and disposal of ship-generated waste. All activities are embedded in a broad network of cooperation partners.

Objectives Ecology:

  • Preserve and improve the Danube as natural habitat
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase environmental performance of Danube navigation

Flood protection

Together with viadonau/Danube Flood Control Agency (Donauhochwasserschutz-Konkurrenz) the BMK (Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology) assists the federal provinces, municipalities and local flood protection authorities with the protection of population, buildings and infrastructure along the Danube, March and Thaya from negative effects of flood events. This is done through comprehensive preventive measures and competent operations management in case of a major flood and disaster situation. 

Objectives Flood protection:

  • Ensure flood protection and damage minimisation in case of a flood disaster