viadonau has won the EU call for tenders of DG MOVE for the provision of technical and administrative support to the RIS expert groups. For the next 24 months, until December 2016, a viadonau team of 7 key experts will provide technical and administrative support to the four RIS Expert Groups who meet typically twice a year during the so-called RIS Weeks.

RIS Expert Groups are international technical platforms ensuring the harmonized development of standards in Europe. Composed of various representatives, active in inland navigation, such as governmental bodies, branch organizations, research institutes, consultants and industry, they propose standards and documents up-dates, but also technical clarification documents and other relevant documents that are delivered to the EU, the CCNR (central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine) and other international bodies. The RIS Expert Groups also ensure the  seamless development and maintenance of the four key RIS technologies which are regulated through Commission Implementing Regulations of the European Commission as well as Standards and recommendations of the River Commissions and the UN ECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe), and also international standards.

One RIS Week takes place in early summer (typically June), the other in autumn (typically November).  Governmental delegations participating in the RIS Expert Groups normally volunteer to host and organise a RIS Week in their country, and extend their invitation to the members of the RIS Expert Groups. The next RIS Week will be held in Budapest on June 8-12 and hosted by the Hungarian RIS Provider RSOE.  

More information on the RIS Expert groups and an overview of the next RIS week can be found here.

Source and editorial: viadonau