On 23 April, 2015, 36 representatives of the recycling industry, shipping and forwarding companies, Danube ports and transhipment operators came together in the Port of Enns (Austria) to discuss the potential of Danube navigation as adapted transport mode for recycling products.

Metal scrap was the thematic focus of the meeting during which possibilities for a shift of this type of cargo/commodity on the Danube waterway were explored, new contacts established and concrete business cases elaborated.

The topic “recycling products on inland waterways” is one of great actuality and brought a high turnout. The event offered a neutral platform for knowledge and information exchange between the Danube logistics sector and the recycling business

The event started with presentations by Simon Hartl– Head of the viadonau’s Transport Development Team and Milica Gvozdic, Head of the Initiative “Recycling Products on Inland Waterways” who stressed the advantage that inland navigation can offer for the transport of recycling products and highlighted the manifold possibility for this specific type of cargo, one that needs special transport requirements and market conditions.

The host, Werner Auer, Managing Director of Ennshafen OÖ GmbH, presented the advantages of the business location Ennshafen for storage and transport of this commodity group and offered an overview of the local partners who are from the recycling sector Alfred Klement, Managing Director of Donau Metal and Paul Losbichler, Managing Director of Schaufler GmbH, both running companies in this sector explained in their presentations that the connection to the Danube waterway was one of the decisive reasons for their companies settling their business locations in the close proximity of the Danube waterway and that there is still a lot of potential that should be used.

This meeting offered the possibility to discuss identified challenges together, initiate approaches to solve existing obstacles and establish B2B contacts in this new and promising business segment.  

viadonau presentation (available in German only)  

This event was co-financed by the Platina II project.