In 2010, viadonau started a two-year work initiative focusing on the modal shift of high & heavy transports on inland waterways. Due to the specific requirements of such cargoes, inland waterway transport offers a far more ecological and cost-effective solution to the use of road.  

The initiative started with a basic evaluation of the potential for the transportation of high & heavy transport from, to and through Austria using inland navigation. The results were evaluated within the framework of a survey conducted in cooperation with the Austrian Highways Authority ASFiNAG. viadonau organised a total of four expert working groups to host discussions on the potential for the development of this market.  

This theme was also presented at the Transport and Logistics Fair in Munich in 2011 on viadonau’s stand and at a joint event with the ÖVG (Österreichische Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft), the Austrian Association for Transportation Science.  

Positive feedback and the high level of interest shown by participants at this event clearly demonstrates that this is a theme with a future!