Project content

The aim of the project was to enable an exchange of knowledge and information within the transport sector with a focus on Danube navigation and to stimulate a shift of renewable raw materials to the environmentally friendly waterway. In this context, numerous expert workshops were organised on detailed topics such as wood and cellulose, oilseeds and biodiesel, sugar, starch and bioethanol. viadonau also made the transport of renewable raw materials by inland waterway a topic at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich, at an international pellets workshop and at the international inland navigation conference "Danube Business Talks" in Vienna. In total, more than 150 people attended the events and concrete transports on the Danube waterway were initiated by this project.

Project partners

  • Shippers and industrial companies (e.g. agricultural traders, wood processing industry, biomass associations)
  • Port and terminal operators
  • Shipping and chartering companies
  • Forwarding companies with inland navigation in their service portfolio