The WILDisland project, which is funded under the LIFE program, focuses on the "wild islands" of the Danube. Across the Danube, ecologically particularly high-quality island structures are to be renaturalized and/or preserved close to nature so that they can fulfill their important function as ecological stepping stones in the Danube corridor.

viadonau is upgrading island and gravel structures in the national park stretch as part of the project. The measures are to be implemented in the area of Schwalbeninsel (about river km 1891-1989, left bank). Restoration measures are planned both on Swallow Island itself and along the main bank of the Danube.
The project contributes to the objectives of the Catalog of Measures for the Danube east of Vienna.

Key data of the LIFE project:

Project partners: 15 project partners from eight Danube riparian states: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania under coordination of the Danube Floodplain National Park.
Project volume: approx. 14,2 million EUR (thereof approx. 65% co-financing from the EU LIFE funding program for nature and biodiversity). 
Project start: 01/09/2021. Project end: 31/08/2027

LIFE WILDisland - Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor
Grant Agreement LIFE20 NAT/AT/000063

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