PLATINA 2 (2013-2016) was a European Action supporting the coordinated implementation of the NAIADES II Action Programme “Towards quality inland waterway transport”. PLATINA 2 brought together all relevant stakeholders in a multidisciplinary knowledge network in order to foster the development of inland navigation towards a more sustainable and competitive part of the European transport network. PLATINA 2 was building on the results of the PLATINA project (2008-2012).

In accordance with NAIADES II PLATINA 2 was focusing on four thematic fields:

  • Markets & Awareness
  • Fleet & Innovation
  • Jobs & Skills
  • Infrastructure

PLATINA 2 provided technical and organisational assistance for the European Commission, member and neighbouring states, River Commissions and entrepreneurs. Thereby, PLATINA 2 supported the development and realisation of targeted activities for the implementation of the NAIADES II Action Programme.


The PLATINA 2 project team consisted of 12 partners from seven countries. The core of the consortium consisted of:

  • viadonau (Austria), project coordinator
  • Promotie Binnenvaart Vlaanderen (Belgium)
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Netherlands)
  • Stichting STC-Group (Netherlands)


 01.09.2013 – 29.02.2016
The project was successfully concluded.


  • Market analysis Danube Corridor (November 2014) 
  • Good Practice Manual on Waterway Maintenance (January 2016) 
  • Final Event and project completion (05.02.2016) 
  • Final Report (February 2016)

The project made a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure
14. Embed Danube navigation in European strategies of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.