For a long time, the Danube berth Hainburg was in an unfavourable position along the fairway. Mooring vessels protruded far into the fairway. The berth was therefore moved upstream and rebuilt at river kilometre 1884.0 to 1884.2. This measure firstly minimised the safety risk, and secondly allowed for the relocation of the fairway trajectory towards the areas along the right riverbank which show greater water depths. This resulted in improved fairway conditions for inland navigation (especially cargo transport) and reduced maintenance efforts. Several planning alternatives for the relocation of the berth were investigated within the context of preliminary planning and an agreement with the tenant was reached.

News and project status

In 2017, the official permits for the relocation of the berth were obtained. The structural implementation and a contract between viadonau and the state of Lower Austria, represented by the Lower Austrian Regional Government Office (Department for Economy, Tourism and Technology), were prepared. The actual works were implemented in summer 2018 and are already concluded. The berth is now located approx. 400 metres upstream in front of the culture factory in Hainburg.

The project makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure 02. Clear nautical bottlenecks in an environmentally friendly way of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.