viadonau participates in several expert committees, in order to actively shape rules and regulations in the field of inland navigation and to embed inland navigation in European and national transport and technology policies. The aim is the sharing of expertise regarding nautical-technical innovations in inland navigation (with a focus on Danube navigation).

viadonau regularly participates in the sessions of the Shipbuilding Technical Standards Committee  and, since 2017, provides the chairman for the Committee 125 – Shipbuilding. Within this framework, standards in preparation can be reviewed and co-designed. viadonau is also a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (STG)  and participates in the sessions of the Expert Committee of the Association for European Inland Navigation and Waterways (VBW)
Furthermore, the activities of PIANC  (The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure) are monitored and supported through correspondence and the provision of technical documents. 

To increase our own expertise and to share specific knowledge, viadonau participates in various conferences and working groups.

Activities 2016

  • participation in the conference Horizon 2020 – Climate challenges and Austrian-French research partnerships in Vienna on the 15th of April 2016
  • participation in an "Association for European Inland Navigation and Waterways (VBW)" workshop on emissions from inland navigation: Lecture on exhaust emissions from inland navigation in comparison to those of road transport in Duisburg in June 2016
  • participation in the RAINEX Advisory Board Meeting on extreme weather events in Berlin on the 7th of June 2016
  • 4th European Maritime Policy Conference in Brussels on the 28th of June 2016
  • 16 extensive internal and external requests were processed 
  • continuous active involvement in the shipbuilding technical standards committee (committee 125): assessment of two norms
  • monitoring of the activities of the VBW, including correspondence
  • monitoring of the activities of PIANC TG 178 (climate Change adaption), including correspondence
  • ongoing activities concerning the Waterborne TP, the Maritime Europe Strategy Action (MESA) and the SETRIS Project

Activities 2017

  • involvement in the shipbuilding technical standards committee: continuous monitoring of activities and evaluation of standards under preparation
  • 10.04.2017: Participation in the VBW specialist committee meeting (inland waterway vessels) and discussion platform emission reduction/exhaust gas aftertreatment/environmental engineering for inland waterway vessels
  • continuous consultancy services for BMVIT (since 2020 BMK), externals and viadonau: in total, 32 larger scale requests have been answered in 2017
  • PIANC activities regarding inland navigation and climate change: 
    - activities as Corresponding Member in WG 178 CC Adaptation: correspondence, monitoring  
       and provision of materials as well as preparation of fact sheets concerning inland navigation
    - 27./28.03.2017: the handbook written by viadonau in the course of the MOWE-IT project
       ("Management of Wheater Events in the Transport System") on adjusting inland navigation to
       climate change was presented in a panel discussion at the PIANC conference "Navigating a
       Changing Climate" 
  • representation of viadonau in the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (STG): monitoring of activities
  • continuous monitoring and evaluation of technical developments and collection of input data and materials concerning ship technology: electric drives in navigation
  • participation at events to build up expertise: see VBW specialist committee Meeting on 10.04.2017
  • continuous activities to embed inland navigation in the transport and technology policies of the EU (e.g. Waterborne TP) and participation at events on Research & Development and navigation policies:  
    - 22.05.2017: participation in the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Working
       Group, elaboration and communication of inputs for the H2020 Call 2018 -2020  
  • dissemination and processing of project results, unless covered by projects (e.g. Innovative Danube Vessel, MoVe IT etc.):  
    - revision and successful submission of an article in the European Journal of Transport
        and Infrastructure Research (Modelling sailing time and costs for inland waterway transport)

Activities 2018

  • involvement in the shipbuilding technical standards committee: continuous monitoring of activities and evaluation of standards under preparation
    - inspection and coordination regarding ÖNORM EN ISO 11812 d
    - expert opinion on WI 15075 (D, E) railing posts and brackets for folding and
       detachable railings
    - assessment of WI 15076 (D, E) outboard ladders, assessment and coordination
       standard ISO/DIS 6218 (E+D)
    - assessment and coordination of EN (Ö) standards requiring revision
    - coordination of standards for ballast water systems
    - contributions to Technical Standards Committee meeting on 14.11.2018
  • ongoing monitoring of activities and developments including correspondence within the framework of the representation of viadonau in the VBW Technical Committee for Inland Vessels
  • ongoing monitoring of the PIANC Permanent Task Group on Climate Change activities (WG 178)
  • ongoing advisory services for BMVIT, external interested parties and viadonau: 11 requests processed on a larger scale; a total of 46 requests processed in 2018

Activities 2019

  • involvement in the Permantent Task Group on Climate Change issuing Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Ports and Inland Waterways
  • participation in a webinar of DNV GL dealing with alternative fuels
  • participation in a working group meeting on behalf of the EU danube region strategy in combination with the workshops regarding fleet modernisation organised by the projects InDanube and GRENDEL

The activity makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure
16. Develop navigation-related policies and regulations further of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.