BMVIT’s (since 2020 known as BMK - Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology) "Action Programme for the Danube 2022" will ensure the balanced development and versatility of the Danube. The objectives of shipping, ecology and flood protection will be combined for the first time. A total of 23 measures will be bundled together into new initiatives, making it possible for new developments to take place in the Danube region within the jurisdiction of  BMVIT’s respectively BMK's areas of responsibilities. The wide range of proposed measures reflects the multifunctional character and requirements of the Danube.  

The objectives and anticipated effects are at the forefront of this programme. Progress will be presented every two years in progress reports. Regular documentation will lead to critical thinking and the  adaptation of plans to suit the current requirements of the programme.  

The catalogue of measures to be taken has been developed in close consultation with the relevant key players. Intensive cooperation concerning complex issues regarding the Danube is considered, by both BMVIT/BMK and viadonau, to be the key to successful implementation.


Action Programme for the Danube until 2022 (German)