The Team Transport Development of viadonau has delivered a market analysis of the potential of transport of specific cargo types on the Danube corridor. This study was carried out in the framework of the EU Project Platina II ("Platform for the implementation of NAIADES II") in 2014. 7 types of cargo and 28 different products were analyzed in terms of production level, trading volumes between Danube riparian states and transport requirements.

In order to reach measurable and sustainable performance increase in the field of specific cargo transport for inland navigation, a large-scale study was conducted focusing on cargo transport and infrastructure framework conditions. In its function as transport axis the Danube connects key production and sales markets that are of significant European importance. The waterway makes a major contribution to strengthening the transport network within the Danube Region but also to connecting this macro-economic area via the sea ports along North Sea and Black Sea to the rest of the world. Furthermore, the Danube waterway is of particular importance as a cost-effective transport mode for the industrial sites that are located along the Danube corridor.

One of the main features of the market analysis was highlighting the advantages of Danube navigation for the transport of large volumes of cargo as well as its particular suitability for specific commodities. Furthermore, the study showed that the transport of goods from raw material-intensive industries such as steel, agro- or petrochemical industry on inland waterways proved particularly cost-efficient. The high transport capacity of the Danube is also of particular interest for the segment of project cargo and high-quality general cargo due to the increasing size and weight of the goods produced in the energy, building and engineering sector (e.g. generators, transformers, concrete components).

Since 2010 dedicated viadonau-initiated working initiatives have analyzed cargo types with higher potential for transport on the Danube waterway; within working groups experts from the sector have been discussing the special transport and storage requirements of specific cargo groups, as well as their modal shift possibilities.

The market analysis can be downloaded here.

Work Package 1 "Markets & Awareness" of the PLATINA II project aims at identifying the new markets for inland waterway transport (IWT) in order to facilitate a targeted modal shift towards inland waterway transport in the most promising market segments. The market analysis is here to help decision-makers across Europe to create favorable conditions for the use of IWT in the identified sectors e.g. by lifting administrative burdens for particular transport segments or by providing financial incentives for investments in cargo-specific handling and storage equipment.

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