The "Network of Danube Waterway Administrations" (NEWADA) was founded in 2009, under the auspices of viadonau, as part of an EU-funded project. Its objectives are the harmonised development of the Danube waterway and the establishment of common quality standards. Members of the network are organisations responsible for the maintenance of the waterway in Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

As part of the EU-funded international projects NEWADA and NEWADA duo, partners from the Danube countries have developed common minimum standards of quality for the infrastructure of the Danube waterway together with performance indicators for monitoring the achievement of these standards. The NEWADA partner organisations signed a commitment in November 2014 to also ensure future cooperation beyond the scope of EU-funded projects.

An important outcome of these two NEWADA projects is a Danube-wide online fairway information portal (FIS Portal), making dynamic fairway-related information, such as water levels or data on shallow sections, available to users of the Danube waterway for the first time on one online portal. This collective information portal is available in all Danube languages.

Furthermore, NEWADA has created the basis for a master plan for the maintenance of the Danube waterway, at operational level, as part of the EU's Danube Strategy. This master plan was adopted in December 2014 by the transport ministers responsible for the Danube countries.

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