Operated by viadonau the "Danube Logistics Portal" unites information- and planning services for logistics providers on a common platform, including the the portals "The Blue Pages", "Danube Ports", the “Travel Time Calculator” and “Transport Planner”.

The Danube Logistics Portal offers useful services that support transport planning. It primarily targets customers of services in the field of Danube logistics and contributes to shifting transports on the Danube waterway.

  • The Blue Pages

"The Blue Pages" is a comprehensive directory of the shipping companies and brokers operating on the Danube. Since 2009, the Blue Pages are an indispensable reference for shippers in the Danube region.

The Blue Pages are available at www.danube-logistics.info/the-blue-pages in English. Shipping companies and brokers can create extensive company profiles for free and can be directly contacted for transport requests by customers.

  • Danube ports

"Danube Ports" is a platform that provides information on more than 60 ports and transhipment sites along the Danube between Kelheim in Germany to the Black Sea, as well as adjacent rivers and canals. The platform is available on: www.danube-logistics.info/danube-ports.

In addition to general information about the ports, the extensive port profiles contain further data such as contact details of the port Operators and port authorities, important data on the infrastructure and superstructure for storage and handling facilities as well as the local terminal operators and their services.

  • Travel Time Calculator

The "Travel Time Calculator" is a tool for calculating the estimated travel time between two ports on the Rhine-Main-Danube axis. Calculate the travel time: www.danube-logistics.info/travel-time-calculator.

  • Transport Planner

The "Transport Planner" is a newly developed tool, which combines all the functions and information of the portals "The Blue Pages", "Danube Ports" and "Travel Time Calculator". By entering the cargo to be shipped, the loading and unloading port, the type of ship to be used and the operation mode of the vessel a complete overview of all possible service providers (shipping and broking), information on the loading and unloading ports and the estimated travel time of the transport are provided. Plan your transport: www.danube-logistics.info/travel-time-calculator.