The implementation of the Catalogue of Measures for the Danube east of Vienna is accompanied and supported by a stakeholder forum. Thereby, affected and interested parties have the possibility to be actively involved in the realisation of the measures and contribute to the way of implementation and evaluation within the given legal framework. Key element of the model is an advisory board, consisting of members of organisation and advocacy groups having a professional relation to the national park area. Together the group covers the majority of the interests concerned:

Members of the advisory board were nominated in accordance with the economic as well as environmental parties by both groups.

Guidance document for river engineering management
In close co-operation with the advisory board, a "guidance document for river engineering management on the Danube east of Vienna" was drafted (“Flussbauliches Managementleitbild für die Donau östlich von Wien”). In it, the objectives as well as the management principles and working methods required to achieve the objectives were agreed between business representatives and environmental organizations. The document is considered a strategic guideline for the further course of action in the catalog of measures. The document is only available for download in german language.

How to be part of the stakeholder forum
Every organization or person can register and afterwards be part of the stakeholder forum. Members then will be continuously informed about the status of implementation and invited to participate in information and discussion events. The working language of the forum is German.

You will find additional information in the German version of this page.

Note: information about the completed stakeholder forum of the Pilot Project Bad Deutsch-Altenburg 2001 – 2015 can be found here.