Main objectives of PlasticFreeDanube

The project targets the following main objectives:

  • Providing methodologies, data and a manual for assessment and monitoring of plastic pollution in the fluvial ecosystems
  • Development of an action plan for the management of plastic waste and implementation of pilot measures against plastic pollution in the Danube
  • Raising awareness of the general public and stakeholders about plastic litter pollution in rivers

Data on origin, amounts, composition and properties of the plastic waste entering the Danube river in this study area will be collected from existing data and from field studies,( waste collection and sorting campaigns) to be then summarised in a material-flow analysis, and subsequently qualitative analysed. Furthermore, environmental threats from plastic degradation in water will be evaluated.

Thereafter, measures to tackle this problem will be developed, pilot measures implemented and a Joint Action plan elaborated. An awareness raising campaign and capacity building activities for stakeholders will ensure dissemination and sustainability of project findings.

Planned project outcomes

Main planned outputs of the project are:

  • Material flow and transport model of plastic waste in and along Danube
  • Methodology for standardized sampling and sorting and data on quantities of plastic waste
  • Methodology for qualitative analysis and data on composition of plastic waste
  • Action plan for management of plastic waste in and along the Danube accompanied by pilot measures
  • Awareness raising campaign and educational materials
  • Plastic litter information and communication platform