Project content

The implementation of the tools was based on a European concept for the creation of learning platforms for inland navigation (common understanding for learning levels, content, applications and languages), which was implemented for the Danube region in the form of INeS Danube ( and for the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt region in the form of INeS RMS (

In order to be able to exchange learning objects at European level between the individual platforms, EWITA also included the establishment of a central web-based archive. This allowed regional resources to be used and knowledge about IWT and intermodality to be exchanged between the European partner countries.

Potential users of the learning platforms were involved in EWITA from the beginning. The members of the user forums contributed their requirements for the learning platforms in workshops, tested them and also used them in practice after completion.

Nine partners from five European countries worked together under the leadership of viadonau to implement the project.


01.06.2008 - 31.07.2010