transport logistic 2015

Under the motto „Meeting Point Danube: Waterway & Logistics”  viadonau, the IGÖD partners as well as WienCont welcomed all parties interested in logistics and navigation at the transport logistic 2015. This international trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management took place in Munich between 5th and 8th May 2015.

Focus of the trade fair appearance of 2015 was once again the promotion of inland navigation as environmentally friendly transport mode and its high service potential for large quantities and special types of goods. viadonau used the presence of the professional audience to present the new priority initiative “Recycling Products on Inland Waterways 2015-2016”.

As in previous years, viadonau was main contractor and undertook responsibility for the organisation and management of the 135 square metres wide joint trade fair booth.

transport logistic 2017

Last year, viadonau, the IGÖD partners and WienCont were again represented at the international trade fair transport logistic 2017  in Munich. Between 9th and 12th May the joint trade fair booth attracted many visitors and logistics experts. The main focus for viadonau was on the new priority initiative "Building Materials on Inland Waterways 2017-2018". In order to draw attention to the current developments and potentials in this area, viadonau conducted a panel discussion „Young Professionals build on the Danube“ on May 11th. The following questions were discussed:
What is the potential of building materials on the Danube?
Is the infrastructure along the Danube suitable and sufficient for such transports? 
Are the respective industries and stakeholders interested in this initiative?

viadonau was responsible for organising and conducting the panel discussion and for staffing the joint booth. 

transport logistic 2019

After the successful performances on the past fairs the representatives of IGÖD (ports Linz, Enns, Krems, Wien and WienCont) together with viadonau presented the seminal waterway system Danube.  They focussed on actions for IWT, market potentials, trends and emphasized the future importance as a green and environmental friendly transport.

The project makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure
11. Develop transports on the Danube further of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.