The introduction of the electronic inland navigation and information services (RIS – River Information Services) increases safety and efficiency of both passenger and freight navigation. Besides skippers and logistics users, RIS serves authorities and the waterway operators as an important source of information.

RIS have been regulated at European level since 2005 und went into operation in Austria in 2006 as DoRIS (Donau River Information Services). Since then the services are continuously being adapted and enhanced based on needs and demands. In the course of RIS Development, new national requirements are being evaluated, coordinated with the DoRIS operation and the involved teams (e.g. Hydrology) and implemented with the help of external software service providers. Accordingly, this ongoing activity contains the conception, the implementation and the transfer of new national services into operation.
Where it is useful or necessary, the RIS Development also establishes a connection to national or international projects in order to manage the implementation and/or financing of the initiative.
Another important aspect of this ongoing activity is the active role the employees of viadonau play in the RIS expert groups of the European Commission in the standardisation of RIS.


  • waterway users
  • Supreme Navigation Authority of the BMK
  • system providers


ongoing since 01.01.2005

News and status of the activity

By conducting regular customer visits, the team Transport Development enquires about ideas for the modification of the DoRIS services for logistics users and retrieves feedback and suggestions. Additionally, official requirements on the part of the Supreme Shipping Authority (Oberste Schifffahrtsbehörde), the police or the operative units of viadonau are continuously being incorporated into the DoRIS portfolio.  

Furthermore, numerous tasks relating to the activities of the Austrian chairpersons of the RIS expert group of the European Commission are continuously being performed.

The activity makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure 
09. Develop River Information Services further of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.