This continuous task serves as steering instrument for all ecologically relevant corporate activities. The team Environment/Ecology is therefore working in close cooperation with all other teams of viadonau that are involved in ecologically relevant tasks. This specifically includes the teams Waterway Management, the mobile Maintenance Services and the Flood Management. 

The various activities in the context of the management of the natural environment include: 

  • the development and documentation of environmental indicators
  • conducting the workshop maintenance
  • the internal dealing with invasive species (neophytes, noezoen) - this entails collecting data, combating neophytes, networking/participation in workshops and internal knowledge transfer
  • the documentation of maintenance approvals and biological data with spatial reference in data bases, (Web)GIS, photo documentation etc.  
  • the processing of external inquiries regarding maintenance along the Danube (e.g. from residents, municipalities, NGOs, landowners, authorities, etc.)
  • the elaboration and application of maintenance guidelines, e.g. leaving grass and flower strips along the towpaths or the removal of the mowed material
  • tasks with regard to conservation areas or official conservation strategies, e.g. RAMSAR or Natura 2000 sites
  • contracting pilot projects and evaluation or mapping assignments