viadonau employs more than 260 employees. Around 140 of whom work at the headquarters in Vienna, which is home to the company’s seven departments and executive management. 60 experts in flood control, the environment and riverbank maintenance are based in four service centres along the Danube in Angern, Aschach, Krems and Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, offering optimal customer support and the coordination of all plans and activities regarding the upkeep of the river. About 60 employees are engaged in the daily lock supervision of shipping at ten locks - nine on the Danube and the lock at Nussdorf on the Danube Canal.

Legal Principles  

via donau carries out its task in accordance with the Federal Waterways Act (BGBl. I no. 177/2004). These include the planning, allocation and control of water construction projects. In addition, regulation, conservation and development of water and flood protection systems occupy an important position within the service portfolio of viadonau. All possible measures are taken to protect and improve the natural environment and make it as natural as possible. The waterways are planned, constructed and maintained in accordance with waterway legislation in such a way that they are usable by all users without danger.  

By measuring, collecting and processing all hydrographic data, viadonau is able to provide the federal government with essential basic data in the field of water management. The company also assumes management responsibility of the Danube Flood Control Agency (DHK). The implementation of development tasks for inland waterway transport at national and international level also falls within the company’s remit. The growth and development of freight transport and intermodal transport, along with the development and implementation of new technologies and systems for inland waterways (especially River Information Services) is also at the forefront of viadonau’s core activities.

The supervision of all nine locks on the Austrian Danube, and the lock at Nussdorf are a sovereign responsibility for viadonau, as is the supervision of the weirs and all other bodies of water.The strategic planning, management and control of the waterway administration rests with the Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.