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Habitat Danube: Gravel bank transformed to island

Sometimes isolation can be a bliss, especially when it means turning a vegetated gravel bank into an island, as it was done at the Austrian –…

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Removal of the existing structures for regulating low water

Equal opportunities for more success

viadonau knows: Equal opportunities for everyone expand the performance spectrum and benefit the business – thus, equality of opportunity is a key…

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Female worker with protection helmet and planning rolls

A Strategic Research Agenda for Inland Waterways Transport

The future lies in research and development – this also applies to the field of inland navigation. In the framework of the technology platform…

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Cargoship on the Danube
FGP, press release

Ecological river bank protection at the Johler Arm

Bioengineering was used to protect the river bank, the Hollitzer alley and the underlying waste water pipes. A near-natural alternative to the hard…

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Implementation of bioengineering measures for river bank protection

Trends, networking, new markets – successes and challenges along the waterway at the Danube Business Talks 2018

The Danube: A Stream of Energy. This year’s motto of the Danube Business Talks on 10th and 11th October in Vienna was versatile on purpose. The Danube…

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Navigation in view of digitalisation – viadonau presents annual report 2017

The latest annual report on Danube navigation in Austria for 2017 clearly shows that the Danube waterway is still in line with the trend. Therefore,…

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