The EU-funded Austria-wide project LIFE IP IRIS Austria supports integrative planning approaches as a new way for the ecological restoration of our rivers while improving flood protection at the same time.

Integrative river basin management coordinates the objectives and programmes of measures of the National River Basin Management Plan (according to the EU Water Framework Directive) with those of the National Flood Risk Management Plan (according to the EU Floods Directive) and also takes into account other uses of rivers. For this purpose, the planning instrument “River Development and Risk Management Concept” – “Gewässerentwicklungs- und Risikomanagementkonzept”, in the following referred to as GE-RM – was developed.

This planning instrument will be extensively tested in seven Austrian river basins as part of the Integrated LIFE Project IRIS (Integrated River Solutions in Austria). By means of interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral planning processes, guiding principles and concepts of measures will be developed for river courses with a total length of almost 600 km. Also structural river restoration measures to improve the ecological status as well as flood protection will be implemented in the LIFE project.


  • WWF Austria
  • Niederösterreichischer Landesfischereiverband

Duration and budget

January 2019 – December 2027
Budget: 16.5 million EUR

News and project status

Project start was in January 2019 with a Kick-Off-Meeting.

In various follow up meetings topics like budget, public relations, the preparation of GE-RM and many more were discussed.

Furthermore, the first monitoring inspections were executed and contracts for  preliminary studies were signed.

The project presented itself on different occassions, for example the "Weltwassertag" (world water day) in Linz.


A number of meetings were also on the agenda in the past year 2021. These included networking meetings (09/10 June in Lafnitz), digital project team meetings, working group meetings on finance, monitoring and public relations and the 3rd EU monitoring visit on 12 October.

Further information can be found on the project homepage

The project makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure
17. Execute restoration measures implementing the EU Water Framework Directive of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.