The project started mid-2017 and investigates to what extent automatisation is possible and feasible for convoys. The vessel-train concept is based on the combination of one manned leading ship with less manned vessels in a platooning unit. The project aims at strengthening inland navigation by introducing more flexible transport solutions and by reducing transport costs. Additionally, the greater automatisation should have a positive impact on the safety of navigation. viadonau is focussing on the interplay between River Information Services (RIS) and the aspects of navigation support. A connection to existing on-board systems should support the situation awareness in the steering system. In a first step the technical requirements and processes for the vessel-train concept were elabortated which provide the basis for the mapping of relevant manoeuvres.

The project will be implemented until May 2021 and includes a proof of concept with the help of simulations, model tests and a full-scale demonstration.


01.06.2017 – 30.05.2021

The project makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure
09. Develop River Information Services further of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.