viadonau operates an extensive network of measuring devices at suitable locations along the Danube, March and the border section of the Thaya, which continuously records data on water levels, water temperature, solid materials, ground water levels and temperature as well as the conductivity of ground water. In the course of this activity, the measuring network is constantly monitored, maintained and adapted to the state-of-the-art or optimised (e.g. regarding reliability, accuracy and level of automation). Furthermore, the collected data are subjected to continuous quality inspections, processed and interpreted.

The information is used for hydrological analyses, studies and examinations or made available in real time for a wide circle of users and customers. For navigation, the operation of locks, viadonau´s conservation teams as well as several public authorities and emergency services reliable data is essential – particularly during extreme events (floods and low water). In Austria´s hydrographical yearbook  the collected data is jointly disseminated and verbally interpreted.

Gauging at the Danube, the March and the Thaya contributes substantially to the Austrian water management and international projects. It is the basis for navigation and the operation and maintenance of the waterway.


  • Federal Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Management Dep. IV/4 (Hydrographic Office)
  • Hydrographic services and protective water management of the Länder
  • Flood Protection Associations
  • Verbund


ongoing since 1821

News and activity status

The provision of real time data and information generated from it is continuously being enhanced (e.g. real time vertical bridge clearance, depth data in the ECDIS-viewers).

viadonau continuously provides the concerned state services with basic data relevant for the Danube and the March/Thaya. This data is also published on the respective websites. With that, viadonau is contributing to the operation of flood forecasting systems.

The activity makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure
03. Improve and enhance fairway information of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.