The planning and implementation of transports of oversized cargo remain a challenge for vessel operators. viadonau offers as of now up-to-date data on bridges along the entire Danube – a benefit for both passenger- and cargo shipping.

Bridge at sunset

Photo: © Roeland van Bockel

When it comes to the planning and implementation of oversized cargo transports, the available vertical clearance is often a decisive factor. In close cooperation with experts from the Danube riparian states, viadonau offers constantly updated bridge data to provide a decision-making basis for transport planning. A list of Danube bridges published by viadonau contains data relevant for navigation along the international waterway. These parameters include the location (river-km), vertical clearance at highest navigable water level (HNWL), horizontal clearance at low navigable water level (LNWL), reference gauges, number of passageways and allowed direction of passage.

This data was collected and processed in the frame of the EU-funded project RIS COMEX by project partners from eight Danube riparian states. RIS COMEX aims to offer efficient River Information Services to public authorities and logistic providers in order to facilitate the implementation of transports along the Danube. The published list of bridges was created by the responsible waterway and river information service operators to their best knowledge and belief. viadonau will continue to function as coordinator and update the data within the framework of this international cooperation on a regular basis.

The list of bridges can be accessed here in English and German.

Disclaimer: The final decision regarding the passage under a bridge is subject to the responsibility of the captain. Thus, any claim of liability based on this list of bridges provided by viadonau as service feature is by any means whatsoever excluded and void.