The latest annual report on Danube navigation in Austria for 2017 clearly shows that the Danube waterway is still in line with the trend. Therefore, solid growth was recorded in both transport volume (+6%) and waterside transhipment (+6.5%) at the Austrian Danube ports and transhipment sites in 2017. The number of locked-through vessel units also rose (+2%) and so did the passenger traffic volumes (+2.8%). Key factors to the positive development are an easily available waterway and tailor-made and modern services for a safe navigation along the Danube.

Woman with mobile phone in front of the danube

Photo: © viadonau

How did the freight transport develop in detail? How did the fairway depths evolve in 2017? And what about the availability of Danube locks in Austria? These and other questions concerning the waterway are answered by the current annual report on Danube navigation with the accustomed high level of quality. The main inland navigation trends are presented in a clear and well organised way. At the same time the compendium provides the latest information and insights into projects and plans for a further digital modernisation of the waterway – from the development of the Waterway Asset Management System (WAMS) and international co-operations for the European top modern River Information Services (RIS) through to measures for internationally harmonised maintenance and information standards of the project FAIRway Danube.

The current annual report on Danube navigation in Austria 2017 ensures a clear view of the waterway. Click here to download now.