Reunion in Munich: Every two years the Danube River finds its way to the Capital of Bavaria. This was ensured by viadonau and the IGÖD partners. From 4 to 7 June the joint stand “Treffpunkt Donau Östereich” (Meeting point Danube Austria) at the transport logistic – the international trade fair for innovative transport-, traffic and logistics solutions – became once again an attractive center of gravity for experts, stakeholders and interested parties to exchange information about the current and future potential of the Danube as the most environmental friendly transport mode of the European traffic network.

Stand booth at tarnsport logistic

viadonau and the IGÖD partners at the transport logistic 2019, photo: © viadonau/Fotostudio Heusler

Dialogue unites: This was shown in Munich by viadonau and the IGÖD partners – the ports of Linz, Enns, Krems, Vienna and WienCont. Both, at the joint stand and in the subject-specific discussion and presentation forum interested business operators together with specialists and Young professionals of Danube logistics focused in a pleasant networking atmosphere on new transport possibilities. Additionally, they informed about innovative logistic offers along the Danube and gained information about current developments from the Black Forest to the Black Sea. The current status of the economic development in the Danube Region was presented at the Danube Ports Info Day organized at the joint stand. Experts from a wide subject range of companies such as Port of Vienna, Pro Danube International, Ennshafen OÖ, Port Governance Agency, Maritime Port Administration Constanta, iC consulenten ZT GesmbH and Danube Logistics SRL provided first-hand answers. What have the Danube countries already achieved together in the framework of international development projects like DAPhNe? Which challenges are still ahead? There is common agreement that not only economic effectiveness but also international ecologic goals require a transformation of transport networks. The most environmentally friendly inland navigation must also be prepared for for this step. While, due to the digitalization of waterways, port information and logistic systems, a development is already in progress, there are infrastructural gaps along the Danube that have to be closed. Furthermore, the connection to the hinterland needs further improvement and ports require uniformly higher standards. Significant projects that aim at the improvement of transport infrastructure at the river, such as the reconstruction of the lock Gabcikovo in Slovakia, are strong signals of an economic optimism along the Danube.

To make optimum use of the waterway and to better position it for future logistic challenges, a consequent customer orientation is needed – a principle that has become a leading motto for viadonau and the logistic service providers along the Austrian Danube a long time ago – unconditional customer service. At the transport logistic fair viadonau and the IGÖD partners gave the stage to those, who are in close contact with business partners as well as with users of the waterway in their daily business. Which current developments do they perceive in their professional environment? It soon became apparent that the ports at the Austrian Danube are continuously upgrading their logistic and infrastructure services. Thus, the port of Linz is opening up new space with the project ”Neuland” to optimize the port infrastructure and, at the same time, to revive innovatively the port area of Linz and better connect with the locals. However, service optimization is also the winning formula when it comes to locks: Shorter waiting times for navigation and a consequent modernization of communication technologies are improving sustainably the framework conditions for reliable transportation planning on the river. In a word: Variety and diversity of the Danube professionals made sure once again that the Danube performs well at the Isar River.